SAP Business One Reporting and Analytics

SAP Business One Reporting and Analytics

Improve Decision Making and Simplify Business Processes

  • Do you wish to have a system that provides real-time access to all your company’s information?
  • Do you want to reduce your time in creating and viewing interactive reports down to seconds?
  • Are you looking for a system that lets you take faster decisions and meet the analytics needs of your business?

If yes, then SAP Business One is the solution as it provides powerful integrated analytic and reporting tools that let you access critical business information and simplify business functions.

SAP Business One analytics and reporting tools cover all functional areas of your business including sales, accounting, production, inventory, purchasing, operations and services. It gives you real-time access to all your information so that you can make better informed decisions to run your business more efficiently.

Apart from letting you create custom reports to meet specific business requirements, SAP Business One also offers various useful standard and readymade reports. These reports can be added to a configurable dashboard to make routine reporting operations readily available and executable in real-time with the click of a button.

Benefits of Reporting and Analytics Tools from SAP Business One:

  • Reporting and Analytics tools from SAP Business One let you extract and analyse accurate information from various sources and make more informed decisions.
  • It improves decision making and also enables you to drive your business strategies efficiently.
  • These tools give your organisation the ability to react to changing business environment in a better way, ensuring improved financial performance.
  • Reporting and Analytics help your business to identify new ways to understand customer behavior, increase sales and target your business to a particular segment of clients.
  • It helps your business to analyse the trends in the marketplace and efficiently respond to them by creating new products and services and also helps you control your costs and improve the quality of your offerings.

Why Silver Touch?

Silver Touch holds unique capabilities in delivering end-to-end SAP Lumira and SAP Crystal Dashboard Design implementation and customisation services. SAP Lumira and SAP Crystal Dashboard Design are some of the data visualisation tools available with SAP Business One. These tools allow the businesses to analyse and share data and insights easily by creating infographics and interactive charts and maps. Using these tools, you can combine data from different sources, visualise and analyse it and get ideas for future business planning.

SAP Fiori is another initiative of SAP to provide a faster and responsive user interface that supports all devices like desktop, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

We can help you meet all your analytics needs with the use of these tools and ensure better ROI and improved decision making for your business.

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