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Kunjan Jasani
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Kunjan Jasani
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Kunjan has been with Silver Touch Technologies for the last 11 years of which he has been in the UK for 8 years delivering solutions to the UK market.

Kunjan/s vision is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by ensuring his customer's business objectives are met. He has a great work ethic and has immense technical and business experience. He is an SAP certified professional and has personally been involved with numerous SAP implementations over the years. Kunjan is able to explain complex technology issues in business terms

In 45 min webinar you will know

How to Have laser-like focus on key business processes and areas that can be modelled centrally from end to end in a single platform.

Take complete control of your business through automatic alerts, workflows, and response to core business and customer needs.

Rely on nontechnical users who will have the power to make important changes on their own, and the system can smoothly accommodate new functionalities when required.

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You May be thinking:

SAP is too big for my company. It may surprise you to learn that over 80% of SAP customers are small to midsize businesses like yours. SAP has been working with growing companies for over 40 years across 25 industries and have over 50,00o customers using SAP Business One.

SAP is too complex for our needs. The experience of SAP customers is quite the contrary. In fact, the number of small and medium-sized companies choosing SAP continues to grow. You can be up and running in literally a matter of weeks. In fact, SAP solutions are fast to deploy, offer quick time to value, and are easy to use. They can also reduce complexities in your business by automating processes and providing real-time, actionable insights. Today, small and medium-sized companies are using SAP solutions because they're flexible and intuitive, and can grow with the business.

So why not join us for a 60-minute informative webinar and we will show you how easy and flexible SAP Business One and how it integrates all the business functions you require, such as order to cash, financial consolidation, etc.

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