SAP Business One Cloud Solution

SAP Business One Cloud Solution

Increase Visibility and Gain Business Insights in the Cloud

  • Do you wish to make your business processes less complicated?
  • Do you aim at innovating more and allowing your company grow?
  • Do you want to minimise your costs in regularly maintaining IT hardware and infrastructure?
  • Are you concerned about the security of your business data?
  • Do you prefer a subscription based price model over one-time investment in software?

If the answer is yes, then deploying SAP Business One on Cloud would be the ultimate solution to all your business concerns.

By using SAP Business One Cloud, you get all the advantages and features of SAP Business One with the flexibility and ease of a streamlined cloud-based solution

The cloud enables you to have simple, secure remote access to all your data from any device or location you choose, making upgrades easy and protecting all your data by continually operating security measures. And, all this happens for a cost effective price.

Benefits of SAP Business One in the Cloud:

  • SAP Business One Cloud is a cost-effective solution which will help you streamline your vital processes like Finance & Accounting, Purchasing, Sales & Inventory management.
  • By using SAP Business One Cloud, you can streamline all your business processes and increase productivity with easy access to all your data at minimal cost.
  • It not only manages all your business functions in one place but also gives you accessibility from anywhere through an internet connection.
  • You get full advantage of functionality of SAP Business One in SAP Business One Cloud without the need to deploy in-house software.
  • SAP Business One Cloud provides access to real-time information of your business functions. This not only ensures that you get complete visibility of your key processes but also helps in decision-making.
  • You get the benefit of acting quickly and taking prompt decisions with changing market conditions, thus giving you a competitive edge.
  • It reduces total cost of ownership because you are not required to set up an IT infrastructure. You also don’t need to hire IT experts to provide support or manage the solution.
  • You know what you’ll be paying every month in subscription fees , which includes everything like hosting, support, giving updates and more, thus allowing you to plan and manage your budget in a more effective manner.
  • SAP Business One Cloud is hosted and managed by experienced professionals in secure and top-notch SAP-certified data centres, thus helping you concentrate more on taking strategic decisions in your organisation and less on IT.
  • It provides security to your data and relives you from worries of losing it due to any unforeseen circumstances.
  • It is flexible and scalable, thus allowing you to upgrade according to your business requirements.
  • It improves efficiency, productivity, and scalability of your business and provides space for growth and innovation.

Why Choose Silver Touch for SAP Business One Cloud?

  • Silver Touch are a leading SAP B1 Consultant having considerable experience in providing seamless and best-in-class SAP Business One solutions and services.
  • We provide efficient hosting and maintenance services at a minimal cost and ensure that all your data remains secured and protected.
  • Silver Touch has a number of extensive SAP Business One Cloud add-ons keeping in mind the specific requirements and needs of different enterprises and clients.
  • We believe in providing customer satisfaction by giving continuous problem resolution support and maintenance for SAP Business One Cloud.
  • Our team will help you meet all your business needs and goals by helping you get the best out of SAP Business One Cloud.
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