SAP Business One HANA

SAP Business One HANA

Speed-up your Business Operations

  • Does your business face problems of system slowness and your IT systems being time-consuming?
  • Do your applications need constant maintenance to perform properly?
  • Are you looking for a streamlined IT outlook for your business?

If yes, then SAP Business One HANA will help you solve all your system problems and guide you towards making your business work more efficiently.

SAP Business One HANA simplifies all your business needs by letting you access real-time business insights and help you generate reports in seconds, enhancing efficient and faster performance and decision making. SAP Business One HANA, is priced exclusively for small and medium businesses, and facilitates and increases scalability and efficiency of your business.

Benefits of SAP Business One HANA:

  • SAP Business One HANA provide seamless integration of all your business data and helps you effectively navigate through each stage of your business.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics provide you with the ability to get visibility across all business related data in less time.
  • SAP Business One HANA provides with faster and better decision making with quick access and reporting to all business related information.
  • The feature of in-memory processing in SAP Business One HANA helps businesses to analyse considerably large amounts of data in incredibly short time.
  • SAP Business One HANA enhances agility in your business, making handling of data simple and reduces IT ownership costs.
  • It allows you to speed up all your business processes and transactions and thereby enhances efficiency and growth.

Why Silver Touch?

Silver Touch offers you with an excellent platform to upgrade your company’s SAP Business One solution with SAP HANA. We help you in choosing the right solution to increase your efficiency and deliver value to your business at an affordable cost.

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