SAP Business One for Process Manufacturing

SAP Business One for Process Manufacturing

Process manufacturing industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries, which is constantly seeking solutions to simplify operations. This domain is facing several challenges including demand fluctuations, regulatory issues, capacity underutilisation and margin pressures. Though product life cycles are reducing by the day, there is a continuous increase in manufacturing costs. In addition to that, the rise of the emerging markets as the strongest players in these domains has created a new configuration for the evolving process manufacturing business environment.

Benefits of using SAP Business One for Process Manufacturing

  • SAP Business One is a fully integrated solution that incorporates all core business functions across your process manufacturing industry, including financials, procurement, sales, customer relationship management, operations, and inventory.
  • The software will eliminate the need for diverse systems and complex integration of multiple modules.
  • SAP Business One can improve the efficiency of the process manufacturing industries and help them getting a better bottom line. It can streamline their end to end operations, helping them focus on making their business more profitable.
  • The solution can help you in providing reliable and predictable delivery times and calculating accurate and reliable order margins. You can also reduce planning time; improve responsiveness to demand changes, decrease lead times and work in progress.
  • You will be able to reduce capital expenditure, gain higher machine and labor utilisation rates and increase customer satisfaction, thus leading to improved ROI.

Industries We Serve:

Silver Touch offers solutions for the following Process Manufacturing Industries:

  • Food and Beverages
  • Packaging (Services)

Why Silver Touch?

For the Process Manufacturing Industry, Silver Touch provides comprehensive solutions that provide clear traceability and visibility throughout the supply chain while supporting all the key industry guidelines and standards, thereby solving all the main pain areas of the industry.

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