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SAP Business One Implementation

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Are you looking for an active partner to help you with SAP Business One installation?

If yes, then choosing then choosing Silver Touch as an SAP Partner is a right choice to implement and deploy SAP Business One software efficiently and effectively.

We help clients in implementing the software with utmost ease by using the right tools, the right people and methodology.

We use the Accelerated Implementation Program (API) to study customer requirements that are divided into the following project phases:

Project Preparation

The purpose of this step is to analyse the objectives and needs of the client and provide planning.

  • In this initial stage, the team meets to plan the way the project will be executed and identify the primary focus areas that need to be considered.
  • A kick-off meeting is conducted in which the project manager, consultants, and account manager discuss the technical issues and project management topics to plan the execution of the project. The project is then handed over from sales to consulting team.

Business Blueprint

During this phase, a blueprint is created by conducting a workshop with key stakeholders to define the scope, schedule and objectives of the project.

  • In this phase, the requirements are considered and a common understanding of how the client intends to run SAP Business One for their business is achieved.
  • Workshops are conducted which is attended by SAP Business One project manager and client project manager who together analyse and define the individual as well as functional business requirements of the client.
  • A blueprint, which is a detailed documentation of the results gathered from the workshops is then created. It acts as a technical and functional guide for the implementation process.

Project Realisation

In this phase, the business process and technical requirements are implemented as documented in the blueprint.

  • The SAP Business One production system is installed and customised by the consultants after validating and updating the configuration.
  • The business experts with the support from the client IT administrator install all SAP Business One components like operating system, database, patches, etc. on the customer’s hardware.
  • System setup validation and testing are then carried out, and required changes are done. The training support and cut-over plan are defined.

Final Preparation

The purpose of this phase is to complete final preparation including user and administrator training, system management and cutover activities to finalise go-live readiness.

  • The key activities of this phase include the completion of the user and administer training and final fine-tuning of the SAP Business One system.
  • Necessary adjustments and cut-over activities are completed to resolve all critical issues and make the system ready to go live.

Go-Live and Support

In this phase, the project is moved from a project-oriented, pre-production environment to live production operation.

  • The developed SAP Business One system is fully implemented in production, and continuous support is provided to improve live services.
  • In the project closing phase, the system is used in day-to-day operations and all issues and problems are resolved, and the project is signed off. The support team monitors the system and addresses vital business process problems in the continuous improvement phase.
  • A “Review and Optimisation Conference” is scheduled and conducted to continuously review and improve the business processes.

We as an SAP Partner, have conducted 100+ SAP Business One Installation with highest customer satisfaction ratio.

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Why Choose Silver Touch as SAP Partner?

  • Silver Touch is an authorised SAP Silver partner and consultant.
  • Experience of 90+ Successful SAP Business One implementations.
  • Deliver expeditious and cost-effective implementation using our state of the art Global Application Delivery Model (GADM).
  • 100% delivery record over last 7 years.
  • Offer 24/7 support to our clients from our SAP Business One experts.
  • As a leading global IT solutions provider, we can offer a wide range of other bespoke IT services; helping you to tailor your SAP implementation to achieve business objectives and enhance profitability.
  • Accredited with the highest CMMI rating, ISO 9001: 2008 (Quality) and ISO 27001 (Security) Certifications for a complete peace of mind.

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